Furla candy mini 2WAY handbag rubber pink ladies [used]

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There are thin threads, scratches, and small dirt in several places, There are small scratches on the bracket. There are also thin threads and small dirt on the inside. There is nothing conspicuous on the whole and it is in a relatively beautiful state.
Outside: Surface: scratches, dirt, thread

Inside / Other: Bracket part: small scratch

Type candy mini Model 2WAY Product Description It is an introduction of Furura's mini 2way handbag. The colon shape is cute and there is a removable shoulder. Depending on the mood of the day, such as shoulder or diagonal You can use it. Can also be used as a pouch.
Category Handbag
TypeBrand bag
ColorPink / Pink
SizeW about 17cm x H about 13cm x D about 7cm
Handle: about 21 cm
Shoulder: about 141 cm
PocketRetractable: Bracket Retractable
AccessoriesShoulder strap

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